Mateo Melichar
Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

We live in a world where people expect instant results and instant gratification — healthy body, healthy mind, excellent life quality. We got to have to invest before we see results… Many people understand but don’t exert effort in different areas of their lives. Let’s go through three examples.

Photo by SHIRAZ HENRY on Unsplash

My girlfriend’s grandma is turning 99 years next year. She’ll burn through 100 like there is no tomorrow.

She lived through a second world war, went through different regimes, and lost her brother, partner, friends. She survived it all.

I love to hear stories about her. Until recently, she read…

Mateo Melichar

I love to blog about life, how to have kickass energy, and be consistent — author of Mastering Body, Mind & Health

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