DAILY SOI: Dream Big, and Start Small

It’s been a while since you took the time to set a new year's goal. When was the last time you had a better intention for the upcoming year? When was the last time you truly turned your new year resolutions into results?

Mateo Melichar
2 min readApr 28, 2021


Dream big

Have you ever thought of building a company, travel the world, or own a huge house in Malibu? Well, we all have been there. That’s what makes us human. Within seconds our mind can take us to spots we have visited, imagine a totally different future or different outcome.

It’s a brilliant mechanism. We can adjust to almost anything. When we roam the imaginary world, we are strengthening our resolves and clarifying where we are going. It might not seem like that at first, but that’s exactly the case.

Fantasizing can actually be good for you.

Also, having a 3–5 year vision, it’s very healthy. It wakes you up each morning and gives you enough ammunition to move ahead.

Start small

When we run and wander around, we can quickly get into the “seen that done” that type of mindset. We have tried various methods and things and always fall too short. Perhaps, it’s just from our own perspective. We consider that not as super important, not knowing it’s the most important perspective.

Our thoughts can be jumpy and very misleading, trying to make sense of all the stuff around us. It’s not easy. It’s really not. That’s why we should not leave our lofty goals, and we must still aim to land on the moon. But we have to chunk down our efforts into more manageable bits and pieces to land on the stars.

Dialing it a notch down gives a huge advantage to cope with the big challenge right in front of us while moving forward towards our ideal future.

It’s always great to have a little daily plan. Are you working on the vision that you planned for yourself?

Be persistent & consistent

Realize that things take time to accomplish. It’s not good nor bad. It’s just so. When we accept reality, we can work every day and try our best.

Our efforts will take us; further, they will help us get unimaginable and reach the stars.

Committing to our new destination each day takes a huge amount of effort, challenge, and courage.

Win with yourself. That’s the most important thing. That’s where excellence comes in as a daily habit. Improve each day to see true wonders year and decade down the road.

As Jim Kwik says: “When we are persistent, we got to achieve it, when we are consistent, we got to keep it”.



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