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How you treat anything is how you treat everything. You probably brush your teeth each morning. You take time to put on clean clothes, comb your hair, wash your face. What you do matters.

We live in a world where people expect instant results and instant gratification. Not everyone, of course, but many of us. I am definitely guilty of that one time to time. Despite the better judgment that we have, we follow the “quick pill” strategy.

When you brush your teeth just once, they will rot, when you don’t wash…Well, the answer is clear. When you wear the same clothes, it gets dirty. Our personal hygiene is often obvious, so we don’t neglect it.

But when it comes down to our goals, well-being, and the bigger picture, that’s a different story…


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Doing what’s hard generates resistance. It brings pain closer to you. It magnifies the obstacle. For us, as human beings, it’s challenging to pursue the difficult. We prefer the easy way out. Don’t we?

What is your end of the day going to look like?

Whether we want it or not, we approach the end of the week, in some countries, it’s evening, with a swift swing of the sharp blade. This process repeats each day. We got to zero on each day with more intention.

It’s been a rough year. Full of uncertainty and challenges. More than ever we know, that life is not what it used to be. We had to pack our carry-on and prepare for the next wave. We strapped in to survive the bumpy ride. We are coming out of the pandemic, but it’s not all over yet.

If anything…

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How do you keep yourself going in the right direction?

It’s a million-dollar question. First, we need to figure out where we are going, our purpose, what is important to deliver daily.

Life will become what we make of and what we think about. It sounds cheesy, but it’s the real truth. When you want to shine, you have to find the light inside yourself. Without the internal light, nothing will happen.

To train this internal light, you got to fire up the stove every day. You got to feed with food, and hopefully, one day, it becomes this big inferno to consume your thoughts, behavior and inspire others.


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Being a good person will always pay off. It does not matter what you do, as long as you stick to your guns of great attitude and behavior. Life is here for us and provides us an immense opportunity to show up with our best selves.

Attitude and behavior dictates it all

Nowadays, many of us are locked at home with nowhere to go and our social behavior and habits deteriorating. It’s easy to slack on our appeal not only how we dress but also how we show up for others.

Make— Making an effort is key here. You don’t get a free pass just because you feel it’s OK to be yourself without any reserves and restrictions. It’s good to be yourself, but you should always try to put yourself in other people’s shoes. How would the better version of yourself perceive you? How would other’s think about you?

Prepare —…

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It’s been a while since you took the time to set a new year's goal. When was the last time you had a better intention for the upcoming year? When was the last time you truly turned your new year resolutions into results?

Dream big

Have you ever thought of building a company, travel the world, or own a huge house in Malibu? Well, we all have been there. That’s what makes us human. Within seconds our mind can take us to spots we have visited, imagine a totally different future or different outcome.

It’s a brilliant mechanism. We can adjust to almost anything. When we roam the imaginary world, we are strengthening our resolves and clarifying where we are going. It might not seem like that at first, but that’s exactly the case.

Fantasizing can actually be good for you.

Also, having a 3–5…

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What is that humans are trying to solve. We live in an age of endless possibilities. One of the things is the obsession with AI, longevity, and biohacking.

AI- artificial inteligence

It’s great to know that a program can help solve lots of problems. Having a computer working in the background and calculating possibilities, getting smarter and better, is great. Many people are afraid that AI will take over our world, and no wonder when we watch only movies where the AI gets out of hands and dominates the world.

The good thing is that we also know that computers also did not get out of hand. Some of them might be able to calculate difficult equations faster than the human brain, and yet we rely on these machines each day.

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Do you let your inner critic push you? Make you feel insignificant, small, and afraid. It’s happening to all of us. Believe me, and you are not alone. Sometimes, it can feel like a tired is constantly present and jump at us from every corner.

It’s OK to be afraid.

Life is short, and the saying that we should live on the edge is well known. However, it’s challenging to keep on going when we feel anxiety running high. …

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Never give up, never give in; that should be your mantra day in day out. It’s not just that you won’t give up, but it’s a fact that you will be smart where you put your energy. As we are approaching mid-year, time to throw some dead projects out.

Time to let go of stuff

Many projects have been dragging for months, if not years, and we struggle to say no to the end and stop such unproductive projects. It’s not a problem that we would not enjoy it, and it’s just too much going on. Stuff that might not be really relevant for our journey anymore.

At some point, you have to let go of the things and people that don’t serve you anymore.

We all have friends from childhood, school, or university. These used to be great friends, but as we move on, we don’t meet them every week for coffee; since we…

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Sometimes, you lack clarity at the moment. Wondering where you will go from here. It’s these triggers that keep you alive and aware of what’s important. That’s what 2020 taught us.

We can control lots of stuff, but we also cannot control everything. That’s what we learned last year. There are simple things and forces outside our control. There is nothing wrong with that. When we get sidetracked and unhappy with things we can’t control, the challenge is like the COVID-19.

Solution: Accept it, bite the bullet and enjoy your life anyway.

Many of us, myself included, are impatient brats…

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It’s the period of your life, and you realize it’s important to focus your effort and energy and yourself. Time to lift yourself up when you feel down.

Your thoughts, become your words

Your words, become your actions

Your actions become your habits

Your habits become your character

Your character becomes your faith

— From the Talmud

Our life is the sum of our actions, and now after reading the sentences above, we could easily say that life is a sum of consistency of your character.

There are days when our thoughts lead us astray. Our fearful thoughts hold us back from taking action, or our angry thoughts that clutter our thinking. …

Mateo Melichar

I love to blog about life, how to have kickass energy, and be consistent — author of Mastering Body, Mind & Health

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