Mateo Melichar
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We live in a world where people expect instant results and instant gratification. Not everyone, of course, but many of us. I am definitely guilty of that one time to time. Despite the better judgment that we have, we follow the “quick pill” strategy.

When you brush your teeth just…

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It’s vital in life to shape our character. It’s a constant tuning and adjusting as we grow, change, and mature. EQ matters when you want to go far in life and build an excellent quality of life. So, what do emotionally intelligent people do?

Follow values — Emotionally intelligent people…

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Resilience is the fuel to pave your way to go forward. Learn about it a lot during working on the farm. We used to have all kinds of animals. It required lots of effort, focus, responsibility.

I remember the neighbors who visited their vacation house always felt more vital since…

It’s time to take ownership of our health. We cannot wait for the institutions to play nicely. No, here in Europe, COVID is back with a 5th wave. Many people might be sick of this. We all had eventually enough.

We got to allow ourselves to vent this out. But…

Mateo Melichar

I love to blog about life, how to have kickass energy, and be consistent — author of Mastering Body, Mind & Health

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