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How you treat anything is how you treat everything. You probably brush your teeth each morning. You take time to put on clean clothes, comb your hair, wash your face. What you do matters.

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Are you ready to grow, try, improve and work your craft? Then first, you have to find a way to disconnect. We all know how that goes. It means taking time to travel. Try to discover new places to expand your mind. Yes, you’ll be fearful of leaving your routine, expect it, AND it’s OK, do go and travel anyway.

Search peace, look for the quiet. Make sure you are dedicated to your cause. Life is short, and we can lose track when we don’t take time to reflect on what’s really important. Yes, it’s great to push, but doing it without real self-care will hurt you in the long run. Also, make sure you are happy along the way!

  • A. Take regular breaks — try to leave your place every 50 min or so. Go, stretch, recharge, sip water. Watch the distant nature, birds, the streets. Enjoy the present moment.
  • B. Me-time — every month or couple of weeks, book yourself a me-time. It can be a morning to reflect, where are you at, reflect on the past months, success, failures, lessons, and opportunities.
  • C. Switch off — now more than ever, and we hassle, strive for success, strive for the award, and forget to claim our mental peace. So how do we…

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Feel the magic of being alive. Feel the reality of the day, the energy going through your veins. Feel the wisdom, lessons learned, and feel that you are alive, breathe, walk, jump, dance.

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Learn to be with yourself by yourself! It’s hard for all of us since we live in such disconnected times. Taking time to reflect, struggle with your thoughts, wrestle with your own opinions is the time we all have to take.

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What to do when you are tired? You might feel demotivated and tired. Well, just like any other day, you got to find reasons to start your brain the right way to get it into the “go-getter” vibe.

What makes you scared is probably something you should do. Doing the things that are scary means we are moving in the direction of our dreams.

Life is a journey, and when we venture out there, it’s a series of pursuits that cannot wait. It’s a series of exerted efforts and failures…

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Doing new stuff can be scary. It’s like brushing your teeth for the first time or learning to ride a bike. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable and a bit anxious. The important thing is not to take the anxiety to take over your thunder.

Learn the ropes

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Doing what’s hard generates resistance. It brings pain closer to you. It magnifies the obstacle. For us, as human beings, it’s challenging to pursue the difficult. We prefer the easy way out. Don’t we?

What is your end of the day going to look like?

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How do you keep yourself going in the right direction?

Is your biology disrupted?

Mateo Melichar

I love to blog about life, how to have kickass energy, and be consistent — author of Mastering Body, Mind & Health

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