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We live in a world where people expect instant results and instant gratification. Not everyone, of course, but many of us. I am definitely guilty of that one time to time. Despite the better judgment that we have, we follow the “quick pill” strategy.

When you brush your teeth just…

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You have been going far too long. You have passed the threshold of pain. You learned to put your head down every day. Wake up with enthusiasm, energy, and belief you can do it. Each day is a new chance to prove you can do it. Yet, it seems the…

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We all have been there and know when the day goes sideways right of the bat. We feel anxious, scared, and a bit like we are losing ourselves. …

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Trying to figure out what ideas to bring forward, and which not? Well, you need to get lost first in the process and be OK with uncertainty, even when it hurts.

With Fit Fun Life, we have started with a podcast, and through time, we moved towards an e-commerce platform…

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As we are entering the autumn season, you’ll be tempted to throw in the negative hat. Gone might be the sunny days, or the most part. It’s up to you to focus on things that bring you joy. The summer in Europe has not been super great. …

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We live in this age of constant grinding, hustling, and trying to climb our personal Mount Everest. I am one of those folks for sure! …

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You got this today. Show up! Focus on the groundwork.

Often, we dream about those big goals, and we visualize the prize. We think about the trophy. But instead, we should be thinking about the process and showing up every day.

As cheesy as it sounds. It’s very easy to…

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A little story about a king

Once upon a time, there was a king, and everyone came to him for a piece of advice. Every time someone struggled, they asked for an audience with the king. Sometimes, these decisions were small, and sometimes, these decisions were big. Sometimes, the decisions were small. The king became famous…

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Hanging out with your family could be stressful a bit. Not always. You are super aligned on everything that happens. Yes, you have some common values, especially if you have moved away and started building your life. …

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How many of us are guilty, keeping stuff inside and always trying to do stuff ourselves. If we want to have a deep relationship, we should strive and schedule those friendships


We all have goals, and when we share them with others, we become more enriched. We can get an…

Mateo Melichar

I love to blog about life, how to have kickass energy, and be consistent — author of Mastering Body, Mind & Health

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